My name is Maria Balcells. I was born in Barcelona, Catalonia in 1954 where I attempted the school. After finishing the high school, I decided to become a Sailmaker moving to France where I learned this profession. Later, I returned to Spain and worked on the sailing loft of my family where I worked over 20 years.

The time went and one day I became as present a Watercolour painting course. I immediately loved it, the fun and pleasure to paint that I had as I was a child were there again after all these years, and so I continued attempting painting courses until I decided to learn on my own with the help of books, tutorials, videos, etc...
I like to participate in online painting communities taking part in challenges and painting with local groups. I do not have a defined subject, but the light, atmosphere and the seasons of the year inspire me. I get motivated by simply watching from my atelier window what’s going outside.Behind each one of my paintings, there is a long preparation. 

I use to paint from photos because in our area it rains most of the time.I use to take my camera and take photos. Later on my atelier, I make a selection of them, draw small sketches make a composition and light study and check the colour values and if I like what I see, I paint it. Sometimes I need more time for the preparation as for the painting itself and sometimes I work spontaneously without thinking too much, but every time I paint I put all my senses into the work. Watercolour painting is a great occupation that challenges me and teaches me to see better and enjoy life.

After this period, I moved to Mallorca where I continued working in my profession and meets my further husband and married.

Some years later due to professional reasons, my husband had to return to his native country, Germany. So we moved and grow a family.


As an artist, I use to paint with watercolours because their transparency and nature allow them to blend spontaneously on their own.

This gives to my paintings a natural character which fits very well with most of my motives as fruits, vegetables and flowers. My landscapes and maritime motives are more realistic maybe because I like them just as they are and try to make recognizable the places I'm painting.

Simple motives like flowers or fruits are already a beautiful motive to be painted. I also like to paint market scenes and streets. The movement of the people walking, a nice shop, a solitaire street…but I do also like to paint maritime motives, maybe because this is what I know best.

My painting atelier

My painting studio or atelier (I still not knowing which one of both definitions is the best) is a small 3 x 4 square meters garden cabin that my husband build for me as a present. It is very good isolated and has a heater so that I can work on it even in winter when it is cold outside. From the window, I can observe the birds flying around the garden, the cat of my neighbour getting chased by my dog and the nice flowers that inspire me to paint colourful paintings.

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