Cucuron Pond

Cucuron Pond  
Painting the Pond at the end of the Summer

Watercolour 72 x 51 cm -  28,34 “ x 20,07“.

 It was at the beginning of Autumn when I visited Cuccuron,  a small village of the L├╝beron in La Provence ( France). In the middle of the village, there is a big pond surrounded by fantastic platanes trees. 
The day I was there it was late in the afternoon and a painting group at the end of the pond was just leaving the place. I had the luck to spend a little time with them and discuss the techniques for to paint a scene like this one that had so many dominant points.

I decided to paint it as well and capture what was calling my attention: the foliage, the trees, the painting group, the reflections, the pond and the most important, the light.

 I hope you like it and write some words about how would you paint a scene like this one.

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