Three Pumpkins

Watercolour on Arches 300 grams Cold pressed paper 

Size. ca. 42x 57 cm - 16,53” x 22,44“

There is a Farm in the North of M√ľnster that has a small shop and it is open all the year, a day and night and hasn't got any keys. It is a nice small wooden house with a fridge and some shelves. You may buy regional products as fruits and vegetables, eggs and meat. In Autumn when is Pumpkins time it looks particularly nice. They arrange on the entrance the pumpkins in a way that is difficult to resist to buy. You wish to have them all at home with their nice red and orange colours.
So, I decided for some of them, left  the money in a small metal box and went home with the intention  to paint them

The picture below shows the steps I made to paint it. 

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