About Me


I come from Spain and was born in Barcelona.  I am the third child of a family of six children and my mother used to keep us painting and reading on the long winter days, probably to keep us quiet but we loved these painting hours.

 At that time to paint for me was a nice task but I enjoyed more looking my talented sisters painting as painting myself. The only thing was able to paint was a simple house (two-dimensional) a tree, some small marguerites in front of it, a low fence and a door. With some small variations, this was all that I was able to paint.

As you can imagine I did not become an artist and so I invested my time to admire works of others instead of working with my hands creating colour landscapes.

So, once my child years disappear I stopped painting and only from time to time I got in touch with a brush of a friend of mines that was studying art.


 Since then many things have changed. Today I live in Germany, I am married and mother of a wonderful young man. I have more time for me and hobbies and less work at home. One day , I can't remember exactly anymore the year, it must be 10 years ago more or less ,I got as a weekend painting course as present  and so I started to paint with watercolours.
I loved it from the first moment. The colours and water were blending into each other, converting white empty white surfaces into the picture.  I got fascinated and subscribed to the curse. I started with a brand new etui from Schminke and a set of five mixed hairs brushes, and a block of Canson raw paper. Soon I realised that without a method I could make parachuting and never finish a picture with success. My teacher was good but the class was too full of people. So, I left the school and decided to learn with books.


Since that day, I keep on painting. All that I have learnt I did it on my own with the help from books and my mistakes. What I did not find in one book, I found it in another one or just by trying. To make mistakes and to learn go together, one cannot exist without the other one. To know this,  was my best school.
I like to make experiments and very often I let the colours decide for me and paint free. The painting shows me the movements of small things in life and develops my senses and perceptions. It's a wonderful feeling to take risks and to get in exchange a nice painting, even if for it, the price was to work many hours and to get some paintings lost in a bin.
Today I can say that this hobby has become a full-time occupation. My garden has now more wild flowers as roses now  more and I  invest most of my free time painting.

When I paint I try to recreate the atmosphere and spirit of the place or subject I’m painting.My painting style is more realistic as loose with an emphasis on the colour and light. I use to simplify parts of my paintings and keep them and simple as possible into a realistic frame. Shapes and forms are more important as details.  This gives me the freedom to loosen up a painting in some areas if necessary or emphasise details in other parts.
From time to time I paint some more loose paintings and love to paint abstracts just for fun.


 My painting studio was a present that my husband build for me. A corner where to paint on my garden.

              In winter when is full of snow is not cold, even with this big amount of snow. I heat warms up the room and it is a very good place to work. From my sitting place, I can observe the birds, the cat of the neighbour running around and my dogs chasing. Every season is reflected in our small garden and an inspiration to paint, the flowers and small things going around.

The room is 3 x 4 meters and has a long L form table and depending of the light I paint in one or other side of the table. White rolls protect my eyes in the afternoon when the sun comes down. 

The best is I have water and do not need to carry into the kitchen  to clean my palettes and brushes.

My dogs love the place under the table, only in summer they use to lie just behind the chair and I have to take lots of care not to roll them when I move.

RESUME: These 12 m2   are a top place to paint and have plenty of storage for books and paintings materials.